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Personal & Friendly

Whether you're needing a chimney inspected, cleaned, or repaired, you want someone you feel comfortable with. A cheery chimney sweep is the best kind. But no, I don't sing "Chim, Chim, Chiree", as cheery as that might be. I think you'll thank me for leaving your eardrums undamaged.


We offer fair prices in hopes of gaining loyal customers, but our main strategy is making sure you're pleased with our work before we leave. We also never try to sell you on something you don't need. If your chimney is clean, we don't try to convince you it needs cleaned. I don't want to pay for unnecessary things, so I'm sure you don't either.

Quality Inspection

Not only do I know what every chimney sweep should, but I bring a unique set of skills to the table. I worked many years as an aviation mechanic where I was directly responsible for the lives of others. Your chimney is no different than an airplane--it's something that needs careful inspection by a trained eye. We are also fully insured.